How to play the jew's harp in a virtuoso manner:
Instructions and sound examples

by Robert Vandré

Festival featuring jew's harp music:
ancient trance festival Ancient Trance Festival
Taucha, near
Leipzig, Germany


Introduction and Links + Introduction + Links
Quickstart + Direction for beginners on the bow-shaped jew's harp +
Gallery + Musicians and the Diversity of Playing: Festival Pictures +
Jew's Harp Types + Bow-Shaped and Lamellate Jew's Harps +
Playing Techniques + How to hold the jew's harp + How to pluckTremoloVibrato and MordentFinger-Capodastro + Articulation by Breathing + Articulation with the Tongue + Staccato + Pitches, How to Play Melodies + Sound Effects +How to play without contact to the teeth +
Tones and Pitches + Tone Generation + The Natural Harmonic Row + Resonances: Sounds and Pitches, Melodies and Accompaniment + Open and Closed Vocal Tract+ Literature +
Play on several jew's harps + how to express harmonies by holding and playing several jew's harps +
Some Music
The Manual as a Booklet
+ Play the Jew's Harp like a virtuoso +

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