Quickstart for beginners

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  The description is for right handers. Lefties can do it inversely.
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First Step
Hold the jew's harp with your left hand on the broad, round side of the frame. The bent part of the steel spring or reed has to point away from you. While holding the frame do not touch the reed, as it has to swing freely. For the same reason the parallel ends of the frame must not be bent towards each other. Otherwise they will jam the reed.
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Second Step
Open your teeth a little and hold the ends of the frame against them. The teeth have to be apart to allow the reed to swing through them.
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Third Step
Keep teeth and jew's harp like this, but relax your lips to make them close around the jew's harp. 
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Fourth Step
Touch the tip of the reed with your forefinger. Bend the reed carefully in and out, towards your mouth and away.  If everything is right, the reed moves without touching the parallel frame ends or your teeth. If so, you can pluck the reed: Move it a little away from your mouth and let it slip so that it swings.
Pictures by Robert Vandré 2008
Fifth Step
From now on everything is music. Pluck the reed rhytmically. Change the sound of the jew's harp, e.g., by moving your tongue, and by breathing air throug the jew's harp.

Sixth Step
Play and find sounds by giving it a trial. In the section playing techniques you find more suggestions. Have a good time with the jew's harp!

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